One Story: Shared Many Ways

One story, shared many ways

A B2B software company struggled to get industry awareness for technology advances it delivered in a crowded, competitive market. But the business had another lever to capitalize around: its customer mavericks, whose strategies “colored outside the lines” of typical technology use in their market. The trick: finding, building out and actively promoting a truly great story while reinforcing the relationship with the customer.

D2 Tech Marketing Approach:

  • Identify maverick customer: Used annual customer awards process to isolate a few exceptional use cases that could serve as lightening rods for pushing the company’s technology to new innovative leverage.
  • Make story collection easy: One hour phone interview for context to draft business-level case study and gather practitioner-level insights for additional leverage.
  • Amplify the impact: Once the baseline story was approved, leveraged content in many formats and channels including::
  • Results: Powerful story showed the product value and helped to build brand, sales engagement, customer community value and reference customer relationship.


Integrated Marketing Content: Leverage Your Message

Create, sync and leverage every webinar, case study, blog, video, campaign and tweet to build and extend your brand value across earned, owned and paid channels to build awareness, interest and targeted, account based pipeline.

Whether you are starting from scratch or refreshing your content library and demand generation calendar, we can help. 


  • Message articulation/presentation
  • Thought leadership articles
  • News and product launches
  • Blog development
  • Social media leverage


  • Case studies
  • Product & customer videos
  • Website content
  • Product collateral
  • Lead generation materials
  • Webinar development

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Customer Experience: Listen, Connect and Build Advocates

Customer success stories are at the heart of your success story, but are you delivering an experience for them that will make them want to be advocates for your brand? Connect the dots from sale to success to: deliver better retention and engagement; build advocates; and increase investment in your products and services.

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Connecting the Dots: Customer Experience

Connecting the Dots: Building a Story of Customer Experience

In life, you are judged by the company you keep. In enterprise software, you are judged by the customers you keep happy — and grow. A 20-year-old B2B company had good sales for its innovative cloud-based product suite and was making headway in migrating legacy customers to its newer offering. It built out a customer success organization to help ensure day-to-day success and improve customer retention. But these efforts had yet to be captured in a single view of the customer, and were not reflected in its customers’ Net Promoter Scores, which fluctuated across its global base. The problem: missed connections.

D2 Tech Marketing Approach:

  • Understand the customer touch points: Look at customer handoffs and communications consistencies between sales, implementation, service, support, product development and alliance teams.
  • Identify the right experience opportunities: Customer engagement survey: “What, where and with whom do you want to learn? ” 
  • Connect the dots:
    • With the organization via online educational campaigns and community, celebrations of success, product roadmap updates and feedback results
    • With other customers and partners via online community and offline regional and global user groups, executive advisory groups
    • With broader industry and influencers via advocacy programs including speaking, media, awards, videos.
  • Results: Customers became engaged in the broader company value chain, which made it easier for them to get more from their investment. Results included: customer retention increased to above 92%; number of customer advocates doubled within 12 months; online community engagement increased 25% in six months; regional user groups grew threefold in six months.

The Six-Week Reset: New Sales Story

The founder of a 20-year-old practice management software company had a problem: the biggest revenue-generating trade show of the year was six weeks away and his sales team was losing deals and losing confidence against a louder competitor. The catch: the competitor was marketing a cloud-based architecture that this own company had in place for years ahead of them.

D2 Tech Marketing Approach:

  • Gather perspective: Interviewed internal staff, customers and an industry influencer for inside-out insights on product, customer use and needs, and marketplace dynamics
  • Identify central challenge: From interviews, identified the opportunity for the company to actively market and appropriately price their fully hosted solution in addition to their already popular locally hosted option.
  • Reset the story: Using interview quotes and ideas, distilled core competitive advantages and supporting “go-to” examples. Used the launch of a new analytics offering as the hook for resetting the value proposition. Collaborated closely with CEO and VP of Sales, and produced:
    • Sales message pitch deck
    • Sales objection-handling training documents
    • Customer Success Story
    • New product collateral featuring influencer endorsement
    • Trade show engagement strategy: from booth to session involvement
  • Results: Company booked nearly 50% higher sales from this trade show that it had the prior year. Further, it used the new messaging, materials and strategic input from D2 Tech Marketing to reset it’s website and recalibrate its approach to lead generation.

Perspective: Make Your Story Relevant


You’re great at showing how your unique technology works, but do your prospects know why it matters to them?

We connect product-level functionality to business-level market relevance.

With deep enterprise software marketing experience from SaaS start ups to enterprise giants, we have the context to tell compelling, memorable and repeatable stories that leave an impression, across:

  • Vertical markets
  • Geographies
  • Buyer and influencer personas
  • Existing customers
  • Media, analysts and partners

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