One Story: Shared Many Ways

One story, shared many ways

A B2B software company struggled to get industry awareness for technology advances it delivered in a crowded, competitive market. But the business had another lever to capitalize around: its customer mavericks, whose strategies “colored outside the lines” of typical technology use in their market. The trick: finding, building out and actively promoting a truly great story while reinforcing the relationship with the customer.

D2 Tech Marketing Approach:

  • Identify maverick customer: Used annual customer awards process to isolate a few exceptional use cases that could serve as lightening rods for pushing the company’s technology to new innovative leverage.
  • Make story collection easy: One hour phone interview for context to draft business-level case study and gather practitioner-level insights for additional leverage.
  • Amplify the impact: Once the baseline story was approved, leveraged content in many formats and channels including::
  • Results: Powerful story showed the product value and helped to build brand, sales engagement, customer community value and reference customer relationship.


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