The Six-Week Reset: New Sales Story

The founder of a 20-year-old practice management software company had a problem: the biggest revenue-generating trade show of the year was six weeks away and his sales team was losing deals and losing confidence against a louder competitor. The catch: the competitor was marketing a cloud-based architecture that this own company had in place for years ahead of them.

D2 Tech Marketing Approach:

  • Gather perspective: Interviewed internal staff, customers and an industry influencer for inside-out insights on product, customer use and needs, and marketplace dynamics
  • Identify central challenge: From interviews, identified the opportunity for the company to actively market and appropriately price their fully hosted solution in addition to their already popular locally hosted option.
  • Reset the story: Using interview quotes and ideas, distilled core competitive advantages and supporting “go-to” examples. Used the launch of a new analytics offering as the hook for resetting the value proposition. Collaborated closely with CEO and VP of Sales, and produced:
    • Sales message pitch deck
    • Sales objection-handling training documents
    • Customer Success Story
    • New product collateral featuring influencer endorsement
    • Trade show engagement strategy: from booth to session involvement
  • Results: Company booked nearly 50% higher sales from this trade show that it had the prior year. Further, it used the new messaging, materials and strategic input from D2 Tech Marketing to reset it’s website and recalibrate its approach to lead generation.

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