Connecting the Dots: Customer Experience

Connecting the Dots: Building a Story of Customer Experience

In life, you are judged by the company you keep. In enterprise software, you are judged by the customers you keep happy — and grow. A 20-year-old B2B company had good sales for its innovative cloud-based product suite and was making headway in migrating legacy customers to its newer offering. It built out a customer success organization to help ensure day-to-day success and improve customer retention. But these efforts had yet to be captured in a single view of the customer, and were not reflected in its customers’ Net Promoter Scores, which fluctuated across its global base. The problem: missed connections.

D2 Tech Marketing Approach:

  • Understand the customer touch points: Look at customer handoffs and communications consistencies between sales, implementation, service, support, product development and alliance teams.
  • Identify the right experience opportunities: Customer engagement survey: “What, where and with whom do you want to learn? ” 
  • Connect the dots:
    • With the organization via online educational campaigns and community, celebrations of success, product roadmap updates and feedback results
    • With other customers and partners via online community and offline regional and global user groups, executive advisory groups
    • With broader industry and influencers via advocacy programs including speaking, media, awards, videos.
  • Results: Customers became engaged in the broader company value chain, which made it easier for them to get more from their investment. Results included: customer retention increased to above 92%; number of customer advocates doubled within 12 months; online community engagement increased 25% in six months; regional user groups grew threefold in six months.

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